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Unicorn Attack Squadron by StudiousSamurai Unicorn Attack Squadron :iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 0 Hank Green Pen Drawing by StudiousSamurai Hank Green Pen Drawing :iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 4 5 Close Inspired Self Portrait by StudiousSamurai Close Inspired Self Portrait :iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 5
Coffee Shop
The weather outside seemed quite dull that day.
Clouds in the sky, and the flags did not sway
Like they usually did on those dark eves
When its the sunlight, the dark clouds do thieve.
The day is still young.  The hour still early.
When on the cool, dark day, we would surely
See many of the regulars eavesdrop
On the customers of this coffee shop.
There is nothing here I can do instead
Than do what the regulars do, foresaid.
And its from this dark crook, I can observe
Dozens of people the waitresses serve.
The inside, the outside does juxtapose:
The lively, bright band playing weekend shows,
The steaming, hot milk are the sounds well known,
And the sweet taste of the cran-orange scone.
I'm drinking my Frappuccino on ice,
Watching the waitress.  Her smile's so nice.
I can tell by watching, she's new to work,
But she brings to the shop an extra perk.
She had short, red hair, parted and curled tight.
And a smile, a sight reserved, and polite.
When she walked about, she'
:iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 3
C. Close Inspired Portrait 4 by StudiousSamurai C. Close Inspired Portrait 4 :iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 3
December 5th
Great.  This poem has become extra late.
Guess that's what comes when I procrastinate.
The true date today, when I write this one
Is December seven when fifth, I'm done.
This is for the fifth, not to be confused
With the poem told last, from it lies oozed
Of "two poems today, I will complete,"
But I fell asleep, in utter defeat
After mother's tennis party she had
But now that it is all over, I'm glad.
Here's what I say next, I'm not in the mood
This "25 Days" is discontinued.
Sorry for all the expectation caused,
But for some reason, motivation paused.
I will write again soon, not of Christmas,
And it will have meaning, deeper than this.
:iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 0
December 4th
I am very sorry for all of this,
For my own deadline, this time I have missed.
But please do not think little of me now,
For I just had much more homework somehow.
Notes to take of the great Woodrow Wilson,
And his deals with the French and the Briton
In order to get peace he doesn't need,
When from America, Europe does feed
In the time of European Great War.
I know that after this, I will be sore
When I plan on writing two poems now
When to do one per day was my own vow.
Oh wow, I had almost forgot to say
That it was December four yesterday.
Besides these long notes that I have just spoke,
I studied for a test, that is no joke.
Most of the time, math problems are just fine,
But not in this chapter.  Is it a sign?
"If you studied it, it would be easy,"
Teacher said.  I sat in my room cozy,
Studying away for all of the night,
The fatigue soon set into my eyesight,
While the time wasted away quite quickly.
My writing had soon become quite clumsy.
Today is today, yeste
:iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 1
December 3rd
December third, one I'd almost miss
My deadline of my poem, to write this.
In front of the computer I have stewed,
For some hours now, I'm not in the mood
To create wicked nice rhymes for you all
'Cause when I am writing, I hit a wall
After writing a paper, of novel size
Of Japan's art.  To you I do advise
Not to take IB, and all its evils,
But to take up a paintbrush and easel
For there are much more ways to prove yourself.
But no need to listen, you know thyself
And all art has done for not only you
But for all the World's people.  It is true.
Art's the best way to express who you are
'Cause in art, there is no set standard bar.
You can show more through a few drops of paint,
While the book's black and white, beauty it ain't,
Can drag on and on and say nothing new,
But tell a good story from pics you drew.
Here is something else I tell about art,
You heard it before, it comes from your heart.
A story tells of hobbits and wizards,
But a picture is worth a thousand
:iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 2
December 2nd
I'm sorry I'm late, its been a delay,
There's only three hours left in the day.
I went back to school from a five day break
Sometimes I think IB is a mistake.
"What is IB?" I'm sure you'll like to know,
An advanced diploma, with which you will go
To college with a wide variety
Of too many subjects, you would agree.
Language and science, history too,
Are some of the subjects, to name a few.
Some teachers are old, but others are new.
Of the year to come, they'd give a preview.
But these new teachers put the old to shame.
IB's new teachers are always to blame
For poor experience of new Juniors
Or the Senior class, those college dreamers.
The subject I now struggle with the most
Is a subject which I had used to boast
My skill in the class, hand always raised high,
But in this class that I was always passed by
I would learn to hate, no more I would lie,
I'd be number one and pass others by.
But now to switch subjects, the weather now
Is scattered with clouds, lots of rain somehow.
Its extre
:iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 1
December 1st
Today is December, the number one,
I seem to be writing this just for fun
And get far away from all the homework
To do this writing, which I call artwork.
The weather is worse, the skies are now dark,
Its fifty-one the thermometers mark.
But the temperature does not bother me,
For it is in my home where I will be
The rest of the time I have for my break
Until next morn' when I must again wake.
Enough 'bout weather, no more of the date,
But now something that you can all relate.
Just twenty-four more days 'till Christmas Eve,
What it all means, I will never conceive.
I'm not a man of religious interest,
Just a bit biassed, but a new artist
Out to interpret the world that you see
Into new meaning, what it 'ought to be.
Don't listen to me, believe what you want,
I'm not a prophet, a god, nor savant,
But want to be valued for all I do
Even if all I say is so untrue.
Here is something new, what I have to say,
It's away from Christmas to where I stray.
For talk of different religions I shan'
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Self Portrait by StudiousSamurai Self Portrait :iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 5 Taro-kun Concept 2 by StudiousSamurai Taro-kun Concept 2 :iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 1
November 30th
It is November thirtieth today
When time of the day, the skies do betray.
Early it seems when the sun does appear
Through the thin clouds.  And the winter draws near,
Trees lose their green, turn orange, brown and red,
And foreshadow a great big chill ahead.
Family sets up their big fake Christmas tree,
But during this break, in Cali we'll be
Where the skies are bluer, much clearer, too,
A place where good rainfall is way past due.
Christmas music plays on the stereo,
Of young Rudolph, the Reindeer's head honcho,
"Santa Claus," "Holy Night," and "Christmas Song"
As Mother strings small flashing lights along
The worn out tree for many years we've had
'Cause we'd toss out our trees, and I'd get mad.
Little brother is here, playing Fallout three,
Forgetting his elder.  Oh, poor old me.
When I would get something, he would get more,
But all I ask now is Photoshop 4.
Its getting sunny, we've reached fifty-nine
"Perhaps sixty," the weatherman assigned.
Waiting for snow, t
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C. Close Inspired Portrait 3 by StudiousSamurai C. Close Inspired Portrait 3 :iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 0 C. Close Inspired Portrait 2 by StudiousSamurai C. Close Inspired Portrait 2 :iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 4 C. Close Inspired Portrait 1 by StudiousSamurai C. Close Inspired Portrait 1 :iconstudioussamurai:StudiousSamurai 0 1

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Hey there, everyone!  I finished episode 3 of my Sims 2 machinima.  I will release our Holiday Special later today as well.  If you havent seen it already, you should watch it on my YouTube Channel here:…

I want to thank those who have already helped me with this:
Connor: voice of Hayden Green
Brian: voice of Andrew Turner
Alex: voice of Oscar Price
Ryan: voice of Hideo Nakazawa

And I hope this project goes as well as I hoped.  It looks like we are doing pretty well already.

If you like this series, and want to show that you like it, please join our facebook page here:…

Here, you will receive updates, as well as be able to communicate with the actors of the series.
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